Therefore say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; I will even gather you from the people, and assemble you out of the countries where ye have been scattered, and I will give you the land of Israel.
(Ezekiel 11:17)


Christian Media Summit, Jerusalem
Meeting Ukrainia pastors
Visit to Moscow.
Israel delegation to Azerbaidjan
Israel delegation in Azerbaidjan being greeted by the Mayor of Kube
Israel Empowerment lobby is part of the Israel delegation to Azerbaidjan
Meeting with the EU ambassador to Israel
Meeting with the Russian ambassador to Israel
 IEL Celebrating the Taiwan independence in Moscow
Delegation from UK, Knesset
Meetings with partners in Swiss Parliament, Bern
Hosting Her Excellency Mrs Gabriela Moraru, the Ambassador of Moldova to Israel
Sukkot. Dr Eli Nacht, had the opportunity to distribute much needed supplies to the underprivileged and needy
Dr Eli Nacht met with a group of Christians who love Israel
Joseph Project
Partners from UK and Germany, Knesset
Meeting with the Delegation of Chinese investors to Israel in the Israeli city of Ariel.
Foreign affairs – Asia Division
IEl welcomes the Prime minister of Macedonia
Yigal Arnon Jerusalem
Meeting with the President of Moldova
Giving interview about Israel and STP to an African TV station
Brad TV
 Municipal government officials from the Tongzhou District of China in Dimona
Another business delegation from China.  Afula
Spiritual Diplomacy
Delegation of businessmen from China
The Israel Empowerment Lobby took part in organizing the Holocaust commemoration ceremony in Cyprus.
Russian Jewish Congress
lecture about Israel - US relationship
CFI Holland
United Nations Environment Programme
An inside scoop – The activities of Messianic Jews in Petach Tikva
Meeting with jewish donors to Israel
Dr. Eli Nacht, director of the parliamentarian lobby for Empowering Israel meets with a ‘Christians For Israel’ group from Germany.
An explanatory letter to the foreign ministries of Finland and Denmark
International Christian Chamber of Commerce
Developing TZAHAR
Meeting in the Israeli Embassy in Finland, Helsinki
Helping the needy and new immigrants
Ecumenical Jerusalem summit, Israel
Helping New Immigrants
Chinese Cyprus Institute
Meeting of M.K Hamad Amar and Ukranian politician, Mr kolesnik
Bringing help and encouragement to soldiers wounded in the Gaza war
Food packages for invalids
Humanitarian Project – Children and Holocaust Survivors
Bggest chain of rehabilitation centers in Russia -  “New Life” founded by Sergey Matevosyan
Enver Hoxhaj has started a three day visit to Israel
Speaking to Christians in Katowice, Poland
National Prayer Breakfast
Kiryat Yam