Chinese Cyprus Conference

A city-wide conference in Beijing was held with Dr. Eli Nacht, chairman of Israel Empowerment Lobby. During the conference was teaching on the Jewish Roots of Christianity and more practical business initiatives. A group of Chinese and Singaporean Christian business people hosted by Israel Empowerment Lobby, Maoz, Raffles Air Singapore and China Cyprus Leader Dr. […]

Developing TZAHAR

The director of IEL had the opportunity to visit ‘TZAHAR’, an acronym for three cities in the Galilee: Safed (Tzfat), Hazor HaGelilit and Rosh Pinna. During the tour he was impressed by the high technology companies and factories that are located in the industrial zone.  He also met with municipality officials and local businessmen Haim Ohayon and […]

Humanitarian Project – Children and Holocaust Survivors

During the last attacks from the Gaza strip, we received many phone calls asking for help. About fifty Grad rockets and Kassams fell on cities adjacent to the Gaza strip daily, making normal life impossible. Despite the tremendous success of the Iron Dome that intercepted about 90% of the rockets, people were under terrible stress […]

Germany and Russia

The Israel Empowerment lobby was one of the organizers of Israel-Germany-Russia conciliation project on the 70th year anniversary for the end of second world war. Three delegations took part in the project; among them Parliament members, Royal figures, Bishops and businessmen. The delegation was welcomed by the Governor of Volgograd(Stalingrad) together with dozens of other […]

Joseph Project

The CEO of the Israel Empowerment Lobby, Dr Eli Nacht, met with Joe Gregory, one of Israel’s biggest donors and Hank Rich, CFO of the ‘Joseph Project‘, a major fundraiser and channel of donations to Israel.

Chinese Christian delegation

Chinese and Singaporean Christian businessmen Were hosted by ‘Israel Empowerment lobby’ in Israel, during their visit they’ve been in the Parliament, Ariel University, Arad municipality and met with distinguished Israeli politicians and local businesses. The purpose of this business-christian delegation was to develop business relationship between Asia and Israel and look for potential investments. chc1001 […]

Speaking to Christians in Katowice, Poland

Speaking to Christians in Katowice, Poland, at the evangelistic campaign organised by David Hathaway’s Eurovision ministry this September, Dr. Eli Nacht, chairman of Israel empowerment lobby, brought sobering information. Communities that had survived for thousands of years have vanished from history. If not for the existence of Israel, the Jews who once lived there would […]