But Israel shall be saved in the LORD with an everlasting salvation: ye shall not be ashamed nor confounded world without end.
(Isaiah 45:17)

Israel Advocacy

Israel delegation in Azerbaidjan being greeted by the Mayor of Kube

Israel delegation in Azerbaidjan being greeted by the Mayor of Kube

Israel Empowerment lobby is part of the Israel delegation to Azerbaidjan

Israel Empowerment lobby is part of the Israel delegation to Azerbaidjan, together with former Israeli deputy minister of defense, Mr.Efraim Sne, former President of Israel, Mrs. Dalia Itzik, M.K Robert Ilatov, former Embassador Yosef Shagal

Meeting with the EU ambassador to Israel

Meeting with the EU ambassador to Israel

South Africa

Escorting friends from South Africa and USA, who are managing a Christian Aid Fund to help Israelis. During our visit Dr. Eli Nacht arrange a meeting with M.K Shimon Solomon, where they were discussing their wish is to help Israel in general and their next project – To rehabilitate the bomb shelters in Jerusalem.


Dr. Eli Nacht escorted an Australian/American business delegation in the Knesset, interested in unique Israeli technology for irrigating the vast desert lands of Australia…

Israel Independence Day – Ashdod

On the Independence Day of Israel, the Caleb company and Voice of Judah Ministry joined Israel Empowerment Lobby and provided pre-charged food cards to 150


The Finnish branch of the International Christian Embassy organized for Dr. Eli Nacht, the Chairman of Israel Empowerment Lobby in the Knesset to meet and


Today, Dr Eli Nacht, CEO of the Israel Empowerment Lobby hosted Her Excellency Mrs Gabriela Moraru, the Ambassador of Moldova to Israel, along with the two Deputy Mayors of Ashdod.


The CEO of the Israel Empowerment Lobby, Dr Eli Nacht met today with the Agriculture Minister Mr. Memli Krasniqi and Mr. Besim Beqaj, former Chancellor of the Exchequer and current Member of Parliament of Kosovo.

Jerusalem – Hi-Tech

Dr Eli Nacht of the Israel Empowerment Lobby was with a Delegation of Chinese investors at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem today, meeting with members of the Knesset and the Foreign Office. The delegation from Asia is here to investigate possibilities of their companies investing in Israel’s Hi-tech sector.

Foreign affairs – Asia Division

Dr Eli Nacht, the CEO of the Israel Empowerment Lobby accompanied a Chinese delegation of Finance and Investors at the Foreign Affairs office in a meeting with Mrs Yaffa Ben-Ari, the Deputy Director General of Economics and Mr Haggai Shagrir, the head of the Asia Division.

Yigal Arnon Jerusalem

The CEO of the Israel Empowerment Lobby, Dr Eli Nacht, arranged for a delegation of Chinese investors to meet in Jerusalem at the Yigal Arnon Law Firm. This delegation consists of heads of investment fund companies who are looking to invest in Israeli technology firms. They met to receive legal consultation with the hopes of further cooperation between China and Israel.

Nazareth Illit

The CEO of the Israel Empowerment Lobby, Dr Eli Nacht arranged for yet another Chinese delegation, this time to meet with the Mayor of Nazareth Illit. The goal is to foster and build relationships between the leadership and the people.


Today the CEO of the Israel Empowerment Lobby, Dr Eli Nacht welcomed immigrants with food baskets. These people have very recently arrived in the Land.


The CEO of the Israel Empowerment Lobby hosted a delegation of municipal government officials from the Tongzhou District of China in Dimona. The next step will be signing a Twin Cities agreement


The CEO of the Israel Empowerment Lobby, Dr Eli Nacht, met today with yet another business delegation from China. They met in the northern city of Afula.


CEO of the Israel Empowerment Lobby, Dr Eli Nacht, arranged with a Chinese business delegation to meet with Eli Shebiro, Mayor of Ariel, his deputies and the head of the municipal economic organisation to discuss the fields of investment, real estate and tourism.


CEO of the IEL Dr Eli Nacht facilitated and accompanied a Chinese Business delegation in the city of Afula.


Dr Eli Nacht, the CEO of the IEL hosted another delegation of businessmen from China in regards to Housing & Construction (Shikun U’Binui) with Shari Arison Housing Company Ltd.


For the third year, the Israel Empowerment Lobby took part in organizing the Holocaust commemoration ceremony 2014 in Cyprus.

This time M.K Prof Avishai Braverman, chairman of the Economic committee was the key speaker at the event, hosted by Michael Harari, the Israeli Ambassador in Cyprus. A Greek Holocaust survivor from Israel also participated. He seizes the opportunity to speak in Cypriot schools, universities and at the main event about his own life story.

Mr. Loannis Kasoulides, Cyprus Minister of foreign affairs, Mr. Constantinos Yiorkadjis, mayor of Nicosia and many other official distinguish guests took park in the Holocaust ceremony which headline was: No more silence.

Russian Jewish Congress

Dr Eli Nacht, CEO of the IEL was at the Israeli Knesset today and was awarded a medal and certificate of appreciation on behalf of the International Commission for the Protection of Human rights in Germany. He is pictured here with Gabriel Zaharyaev – a businessman and vice-president of the Russian Jewish Congress. Mr Zaharyaev is a big contributor to Israel.

CFI Holland

Dr. Eli Nacht, Director IEL in the Knesset was invited to participate in CFI(Christians For Israel) summit in Holland. Dr. Nacht met with Sara Van Oordt from CFI, Holland – Christenen voor Israel, Pas. Jan Barendse from CGI and M.P. Drs. J.S. Joel Voordewind, member of Holland Parliament, Christian Union Party.


An historical meeting with Malasian MP Baru Bian

International Christian Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Eli Nacht, Director of the Israel Empowerment Lobby met Mr. Gunnar Olson. Mr Olson is the chairman and founder of the INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (ICCC ), The ICCC conference took place at the Ramada Hotel in Jerusalem. After a very nice and fruitful conversation Eli was asked to present the ideas of the IEL for cooperation with ICCC in June to their international board of directors.

Chinese Cyprus Institute

Chinese Christian delegation, “Chinese Cyprus Institute” visited Israel looking for business investments.

Chinese and Singaporean Christian businessmen Were hosted by ‘Israel Empowerment lobby’ in Israel, during their visit they’ve been in the Parliament, Ariel University, Arad municipality and met with distinguished Israeli politicians and local businesses.

The purpose of this business-christian delegation was to develop business relationship between Asia and Israel and look for potential investments.

Dr.Eli Nacht, chairman of Israel Empowerment Lobby summarized this trip as very successful and educational for both sides. I am sure that the next delegation that suppose to visit Israel in the spring of the next year will be bigger and even more business will be done, for the sake of the economic growth of both our nations”, said Dr. Nacht.