We are partnering with Yad LaYeled HaMeyuchad, “Lend a Hand to the Special Child“, association, which was established in 2004 by a group of parents of children with special needs who believed that by joining forces they can provide their children with the tools necessary for dealing with their difficulties and disabilities so that their children may achieve growth, quality of life and happiness as much as possible and be integrated in the family and in society.

Over the years, we developed progressive, qualitative services and projects for children and youths with various disabilities, all this thanks to an array of thousands of volunteers countrywide.

We believe that a full partnership in the community coupled with a better quality of life promotes the independence of persons with disabilities and their integration in society.

Based on this concept, we act to integrate hundreds of young people with special needs in the IDF under the Special in Uniform Project. This is the greatest gift for these youngsters that leads them to an independent life with minimal dependence on family and community.

Thousands of families in Israel, from all walks of life, enjoy the variety of services Yad LaYeled HaMeyuchad offers thanks to the volunteers, private donors and charities.

We are present each and every day to fulfill the dreams of the association’s founders and to prove that a special child in the family, as challenging as it may be, is also an opportunity for empowerment of the entire family and of society in general.



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